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Get my 35 page PDF full of 25 prompts and other tips to make your sessions more fun. This guide will give you a ton of ideas on how to capture the candid moments your clients will love, and make them rave about you to all of their friends! If you feel like your sessions are stagnant and you get stuck doing the same poses over and over again, this is for you!

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  • 1x25 Prompts for Candid Moments$47

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Posing Guide25 prompts for candid moments$47

What's Inside: 

- 25 different posing prompts with example pictures and ideas of ways to change them up for even more variety 

- Games and other ways to make your sessions more fun and playful so you never feel stuck

- Solutions for awkward, stiff poses so you can transform your pictures into something more connected and emotive 

- Bonus tips on things to watch for to make sure your images truly look professional so you can keep your clients coming back to you over and over again